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Clip Art and Animations

Awesome Clip Art for Educators Museum of Web Art
Classroom Clip Art My Free Clip Art
Discovery School: Clip Art New York Public Library (NYPL) Digital Gallery
Geek Philosopher (Free Stock Photos) Pics4Learning
Go Graph School Clip Art
LT Technologies -Graphic Resources Web Graphics Links
Microsoft Design Gallery Clip Art    


Teaching Tools

20-20 Method for PowerPoint Presentations


Aim High! Bloom's Taxonomy Roles, Processes, & Products

Apple Learning Interchange

Beginning Teacher's Tool Box

Dr. Mac's Amazing Behavior Management Advice

Education World® The Educator's Best Friend

 The Educator's Reference Desk

The Gateway to 21st Century Skills

High School Hub

Intel® Innovation in Education—Exemplary Lesson Plans

Internet 4 Classrooms

Jigsaw Classroom

K-8 Education Place

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

Laura Candler's Classroom Resources

Layered Curriculum

NCRTEC Lesson Planner

New Teacher Center

Ohio Resource Center

Promethean Planet (interactive whiteboard community)


Quiz Library

Responsive Classroom

Scholastic Lesson Plans

Sites for Teachers

Smart Teacher Exchange (interactive whiteboard community)

Surfing the Net with Kids Guide

Teacher Tools (forms, letters, and templates)

Teaching is a Work of Heart

Teaching with the Web

Web for Teachers

 Weird Richard Links

TeAch-nology Worksheets, Teaching Tips, and Rubrics




Best WebQuests

Building Blocks of a WebQuest

Essential Question WebQuest for Teachers

Introduction to WebQuests

Teach-nology WebQuest Builder

Web Quests

WebQuest 101

The WebQuest Page


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