eTech Distance Learning Clearing House

Online Learners in High Schools

Florida Virtual School

CT Virtual Learning Center (Connecticut)

MIT Open Courseware for High Schools

Guide to Online High School Courses (National Education Association)

MU High School (University of Missouri Center for Distance and Independent Study)

North Carolina Virtual Public School

Illinois Virtual High School Online

Virtual Virginia and Virtual Advanced Placement School
Teaching Online

What Makes a Successful Online Facilitator?


The Role of the Online Instructor

How Interactive are YOUR Distance Courses?

Increasing Understanding through Questioning

Instructional Activities Online

Principles of Online Design

Rubric for Online Instruction

Seven Principles of Effective Teaching - A Practical Lens for Evaluating Online Courses

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Active Learning

Active v. Passive Learning

Active Learning Practices for Schools

Active Learning--Visible Knowledge Project

Active Learning--Ohio Learning Network

Active Learning (from a Foreign Language Perspective)

Active Learning on the Web
Designing for Learning (Save Yourself from Drowning in Online Interaction)
Easy Active Learning Practices
Good Practice Uses Active Learning Techniques
Active Learning in Online Instruction
Significant Learning for Significant Living
Learning Styles and the Online Environment
Moving from Passive to Active Learning Experiences
Professional Development Module on Active Learning (Texas Collaborative for Teaching Excellence)
Student Interactions in Online Environments: Content, Instructor, and Peer

Assessment - How Will We Know If Learning Occurs

Assessment Cyberguide for Learning Goals and Outcomes

Assessment Workshop Series


Rubrics and Assessment

SCORE! Everyone Wins With Rubrics for Assessment

Assessment Rubrics

Assessment and Evaluation

Rubrics: Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

Teacher-Created Rubrics for Assessment

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